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Scientific experiment
  mikeymoo, Nov 27 2010

Step 1: Weigh yourself.
Step 2: Take a crap.
Step 3: Weigh yourself again.
Subtract weight 2 from weight 1. This is the weight of your crap.
Mine was 1.8lb.
Thought LP was the best place to post this discovery.

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ROFL black card?
  mikeymoo, Oct 14 2010

wtf I haven't played since Sept 5th, and ftp sends me a black card thing?

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Watched Dennis Phillips HU
  mikeymoo, Aug 25 2010

Blinds 25/50, 10k (200bb) stacks in the copc HU 5.5k event:
flop 865r, his opponent checks, Phillips bets, opponent check-raises, Phillips 3-bets, 4-bet, 5-bet, 6-bet (could've been a shove here, if not, Phillips 7-bet shoved)
Anyway they're both all-in.
Phillips shows TT and says "How big is yours?"

Opponent shows 74o for the straight obv.

My head hurts....

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